Photo, Video, & PDF Help

Below are some frequently asked questions about video and photo/pdf work samples.

Video Help

How can I convert my video if I need to?

You can search for free media or video converters online. Below are online tools to assist you with your video conversion. NEA and WESTAF cannot provide technical support for video/media conversion.
If my video is too long, what are some examples of software that I can use to edit it to the required length?

Do you have any tips on compressing video?
We recommend exporting as file type .mp4 with h.264 codec.

What are the preferred file types that can be used?
  • .mp4 is the most preferred, current standard with the highest quality with minimal file size.
  • .mov can also be used but these files tend to be bigger, and need to be compressed.
  • .mpg
  • .flv

If I upload a video to NEA-GO and the video and audio are out of sync, but are not out of sync in their original file, what might the problem be? How can it be corrected?
This shouldn’t happen, but if it does, you should try to re-upload. If the file was encoded, then try again.

Converting Photos into a Single PDF

How can I convert photos into one PDF and make sure they're all the same size (i.e., not one large photo and a bunch of small ones)?

You can convert photos to PDFs using Finder on a Mac, as well as Adobe Acrobat Pro. Then you can merge the PDFs into one using Adobe Acrobat. Here are a few examples of online resources that can do this:  


What should I do if a file has been uploaded but has an "unavailable" error message?

Usually this will disappear after a period of time. If it’s been a long time, try to upload the file again using different settings.
Note: Externally linked resources are from third-party providers and as such, NEA and WESTAF cannot provide technical support related to their use, guarantee functionality, or security.