Work Sample Upload Instructions

How to Upload Work Samples

1. After logging in, click My Data to go to the application.

2. Click on the Link to Formset icon (pencil) to the right.      
You should see the information that you entered in the application under View Application Data. You will not be able to update this information. If you notice any errors, please contact the NEA immediately. Click the Save & Continue button at the bottom of each page to continue through the Grant Application Form to the Upload Docs, Work Samples screen.

You also may use the Table of Contents menu at the top of the screen.

The Upload Docs, Work Samples screen is where you will upload the attachments and work samples that are an important part of your application. PLEASE REFER TO THE APPLICATION GUIDELINES FOR YOUR CATEGORY/DISCIPLINE FOR SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS ON CONTENT AND FORMATTING. The "User Storage" information at the bottom of this screen will track the amount of storage used and remaining. The chart indicates the technical limits of the system (Max # and Max File Size) and the number of samples you have uploaded.

Click the Upload button to upload a work sample. Do not click the Manage Folders button.
You will then see a popup window with space for the Title and Description of that particular work sample (check the application guidelines for specific information to include here).

Click the Browse button to select a file from your device.

Once you have completed the Title and Description information, click Submit.

You should organize your work samples in the order in which you would prefer to have them viewed. You can move your samples around by clicking, dragging, and dropping each file. The priority is left to right, from top to bottom row. We recommend that you preview each work sample to ensure that the upload has gone through correctly and that the samples convey your work in the best possible light. To do that, just click on each sample. You will get a popup window that should allow you to preview, edit, or delete the sample.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE CAN BE A SLIGHT DELAY BETWEEN THE UPLOAD OF YOUR WORK SAMPLES AND YOUR ABILITY TO VIEW THEM IN YOUR WORK SAMPLE FOLDER. This is particularly true in the case of video samples. For videos, the usual upload time runs five to ten minutes. However, close to the deadline, this time may extend to as much as an hour.  Videos are placed in a queue to be converted for upload, and the more people uploading, the longer the queue. Do not immediately assume that your upload failed; wait and try accessing the material again.

Submit your work samples well in advance of the deadline to give yourself ample time to resolve any problems that you might encounter.

After you have uploaded and checked all of your work samples, click Save. Once you have completed the entire application, click the Submit button. If everything is complete, you will get a popup message that says “Thank you. Please click OK to complete your submission.” If any required part of the application is incomplete, you will see an error message at the top of the screen that indicates which parts of the application were not successfully completed.

You will receive a confirmation email after you have submitted your completed application. If you do not receive this email within an hour of submitting your application, please check your spam filter.

You will be able to go back into your application and make adjustments until the deadline for your category/discipline (see the application guidelines). If you do make any adjustments, be sure to click Save and Submit again to update your submission.